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Bauteile und Zubehör
Bauteile und Zubehör
Reference junction
Cold junction VGS


For all thermocouple tests with higher accuracy requirements, especially in calibration laboratories.
Application in compressed ice-water mixture in a Dewar container.



Miniature thermocouple plug (male)

Miniature thermocouple plug box (female)

Miniature thermocouple plug connection

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Thermo junction

L (Fe-CuNi) DIN 43 710

J (Fe-CuNi) DIN EN 60584

K (NiCr-Ni) DIN EN 60584

N (NiCrSi-NiAl) DIN EN 60584

E (NiCr-CuNi) DIN EN 60584

T (Cu-CuNi) DIN EN 60584

S (PtRh10-Pt) DIN EN 60584

R (PtRh13-Pt) DIN EN 60584

B (PtRh30-PtRh6) DIN EN 60584

Au-Pt DIN EN 62460

Pt-Pd DIN EN 62460

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Type of connection cable

2m Cu stranded wire LifY 0,5 mm2, with low e.m.f.


free ends

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