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Resistance thermometers
with connection head
Baureihe 340




Measuring the temperature in pipelines or containers; on request, implementations with flange or with adjustable thread joint are deliverable ( → chapter parts and accessories)



Basic implementation



Connection head

Form B according DIN 43 729

Form BUZ for explosion-proof design according DIN 43 729

on inquiry

Protection classification

IP 54 according DIN 60529

on inquiry

Application temperature

up to +380°C for GL-Design

-200 to +600°C

-50 to +400°C

on inquiry

Temperature sensor

1xPt 100 cl. F0,15 or W0,15 (old cl. A) acc. to DIN EN 60751

1xPt 100 cl. F0,3 or W0,3 (old cl. B) acc. to DIN EN 60751

2xPt 100 cl. F0,3 or W0,3 (old cl. B) acc. to DIN EN 60751

2xPt 100 cl. F0,15 or W0,15 (old cl. A) acc. to DIN EN 60751

on inquiry


2 wire circuit

3 wire circuit

4 wire circuit

Protective tube material


on inquiry

Protective tube diameter d

15 mm

on inquiry

Nominal length L

on inquiry

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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