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Bauteile und Zubeh├Âr
Calibration block
Calibration block KB
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Thermal equalising block
from aluminium nitride


for improving thermal uniformity of a calibration furnace

- high thermal conductivity ( → figure next page)
- low density (3.3 g/cm3)
- low specific heat (32.1 J/molK)
- high chemical resistance
- high operating temperature range 0-1100°C (short 1200°C)
- high heat shock resistance up to 180 K





- outer dimensions ø55 mm x 275 mm
- 3 holes ø11 mm x 180 mm
- 3 holes ø7 mm x 180 mm
- 1 hole ø7 mm
- additional 6 radial insert holes (ø4mm) for application of
distance pieces (providing a central positioning of the
calibration block in different furnace geometries)
other dimensions on demand
The region of the best uniformity of the furnace can be found by means of the central 7


mm hole. The position varies depending on operational temperature and inserts. The

block should have an optimal position where the temperature gradients surrounding the

sensing elements of thermometers under test are minimal.



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