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Miniature fixed-point cell
Miniature fixed-point cell MFPZ
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Application areas


in-situ-calibration of thermocouples or thermocouple measuring systems by means of temperature fixed-points (“selfcalibrating thermocouple'')
changeable insert for precision thermocouples (® type SKTE) or integrated part of industrial thermocouples
recognition and correction of emf-drifts in restricted access areas
improved measurement accuracy, reduced expenses for the preventive replacement of sensors, longer calibration periods in quality management systems




Technical specification:


Twin-wall ceramic crucible approx. øa5xøi2x25mm
Crucible material: AlN, Al2O3, Si3N4 or Y2O3 (depending on used fixed-point substance

and operatingl conditions)
ingot material: high purity metal or alloy with phase change transition point within

the desired temperature range, purity 99.99% or better
e.g.: Sn (231.93°C)
Pb (327.46°C)
Zn (419.53°C)
Al67/Cu33 (548.16°C)
Al83/In17 (638.4°C)
Al (660.32°C)
Ag28/Cu72 (779.63°C)
Au (1064.18°C)
Pd (1553.4°C)
further fixed-point materials on request


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