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Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer DTM 3000
DTM 3000

Cost-effective high-accuracy manual thermometer for for Pt100 and Pt1000 probes and thermocouples NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi oder Cu-CuNi controlled by a microcontroller


The DTM3000 electronic digital thermometer stands out primarily in terms of its very high accuracy, low power consumption, low weight, simplicity of operation, and a low price.
The DTM3000 unit has been designed for accurate measurements over a very large temperature range. The resolution of the unit is 0.1 °C over the whole temperature range.
The unit is switched on by actuating the on/off button. A segment check is then performed, during which all segments of the display are activated for a few seconds. Two additional buttons provide convenient measurement operations. Using the max/min button calls up the maximum and minimum measured values. If this button is actuated for approx. 3 sec., the previous values are deleted. The hold button enables the last measured value to be stored. If this button is actuated a second time the unit goes back into normal measurement operation mode. If a reading lies above the top value of the measurement range Err2 is displayed, if it lies below the bottom end Err1 is displayed.
A serial RS232 interface is installed as standard.
A large number of Pt100/Pt1000 sensors and thermocouple sensors are available for the DTM3000 digital thermometer for practically any application. For particular measurement problems we can also manufacture economical customised sensors to meet your requirements.



Thermocouple Typ K

Thermocouple Typ T

Thermocouple Typ J

Thermocouple Typ S

Pt100, 4 wire circuit

Pt1000, 3 wire circuit

on inquiry

Measuring range

Type K -200°C ... +1370°C

Type T -200°C ... +400°C

Type J -200°C ... +1200°C

Type S 0°C ... +1760°C

Pt100 -200 ... +830°C

P1000 -50┬░C ... +400┬░C

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0.1°C/1°C° *


0.5% FS

Operating temperature range

0°C ... +60°C

Power supply

9 Volt battery, 6F22

Sampling rate

maximal 4/s

Battery operation time

>500h at 1/s


Maximum, Minimum, Hold


Miniatur thermocouple  socket

Pt100 Binder 719 4-pole

Pt1000 Binder 719 3-pole




cold-junction compensation






Thermocouples or resistance sensors Pt100/Pt1000 are adjusted by manufacturer.

* can be configured via Software
** interface cable and evaluation software must be purchased as optional

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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