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Resistance thermometers
Without attaching parts
Baureihe K13W


as Resistance Thermometer

Temperature sensor

1xPt 100 cl. F0,15 (old cl. A) acc. to DIN EN 60751

1xPt 100 cl. F0,3 (old cl. B) acc. to DIN EN 60751

on inquiry


2 wire circuit

3 wire circuit

4 wire circuit

Housing material

stainless steel

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Case dimensions

ø12 X 4

Sealing compound

for temperature range -40 ... 80°C

for temperature range -40 ... 180°C

Type of connection cable

TeSi 2xAWG24

TeSi 3xAWG26

TeSi 4xAWG26

on inquiry

Cable length L2

on inquiry min. 100 mm


free ends

connector on inquiry


declare desired temperature range for case of application


11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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