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Components and accessories
Miniature fixed-point cell
Fixed-point calibration rod FKS
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Brief description

Stainless steel tube with firmly installed miniature fixed-point cell, used for an easy calibration of slender temperature sensors (< Ø2 mm) or their whole measuring circuits



Calibration or other accredited laboraties, research and development



Adaquate installation situation, temperature of furnace/bath is controllable and its range encompasses the specific fixed-point temperature


Calibration uncertainty:

U = 0.01 … 0.2 K, depends on specific sensor structure, thermal environment, furnace control parameters e.t.c.


Calibration procedure:

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Application temperature

applicable to max. 50 K above particular fixing point temperature

Fixed point material

In 156,59 °C

Sn 231,93 °C

Zn 419,53 °C

Au58In42 495,4 °C

Al67Cu33 548,2 °C

Ag88Al12 567,8 °C

Al87Si13 578,8 °C

Al 660,32 °C

on inquiry dependent on application temperature

Protective tube material


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total length

250 mm

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