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Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer DTM 3000 special
DTM 3000 special

Cost-effective high-accuracy manual thermometer with a resolution of 0.01°C, controlled by a microcontroller

The DTM3000-special electronic digital thermometer stands out primarily in terms of its very high accuracy, low power consumption, low weight, simplicity of operation, and a low price.
The DTM3000-special unit has been designed to provide highly accurate measurements over a range of temperatures from – 110°C. The price is only a small fraction of the price that would normally be usual for a unit of this accuracy. The sensor is permanently connected to the unit and is calibrated together with the latter. If the measurement moves out of range at the top or bottom end Err2 or Err1 is displayed respectively.
The unit is switched on by actuation of the on/off button. A segment check is then executed, during which all segments of the display are exercised for several seconds. Two additional buttons allow for convenient operation. With the max/min button the maximum and minimum measured values are stored in each case. If this button is actuated for approx. 3 secs the previous values are deleted. The hold button enables the storage of the current measured value.
A serial RS232 interface is installed as standard. The interface cable and the evaluation software can be purchased as optional extras. The DTM3000-special digital thermometer is supplied with an immersion sensor of 2x100mm immersion tube length as standard. For particular measurement problems we can also manufacture cost-effective and customer-specific sensors to your specifications.


Pt100 permanently connected

Measuring range

-20°C ... +110°C




LCD 4-digit, 11mm character height


± 0.03°C ± 1 Digit

Operating temperature range

0°C ... +70°C

Power supply

9 Volt battery, 6F22

Sampling rate

maximum 1/s *

Battery operation time

>500h at 1/s


Maximum, Minimum, Hold

Case material

ABS black


60 x 120 x 26mm ( BxHxT )


approx. 130g





* can be configured via Software
** interface cable and evaluation software must be purchased as optional

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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