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Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer DTM 5080
DTM 5080


Cost-effective digital temperature logging module for the RS232 and USB interface for sensing devices with temperature resistance sensors



The DTM5080 temperature-logging module is simply inserted into the serial RS 232 interface of a PC. For use of the computer’s USB connection a variant with a USB adapter can be obtained (specify on ordering). It is suitable for the logging of temperature resistance sensors such as Pt100/1000, Ni100/1000, as well as other resistance sensors up to a maximum value of 2.5 k. The corresponding temperature or resistance value is outputted. The data-logging program that is also supplied validates the measured values and stores them as required. By means of control via simple ASCII characters data logging using programming languages such as C or Visual Basic is also not a problem. The module stands out primarily in terms of its very high accuracy, simplicity of operation, and a very favourable price. It has been designed for accurate measurements over a wide range of temperatures. When the sensor is connected up using 4-lead technology a high overall accuracy of the device can be achieved when used in conjunction with a high-precision sensor. The resolution of the device is 0.01°C.
The DTM5080 temperature-logging module is supplied with a standard Pt100 cable sensing device, Class B, 3.5x30mm, 1m cable, and a 2m extension cable for the RS 232 interface or a USB adapter cable. For particular measurement problems we can also manufacture cost-effective, customer-specific sensing devices to your specifications.



Pt100/1000, Ni100/1000 as soon as other resistance sensors, sensor replaceable

Kind of connection

4 wire circuit

Measuring range

Pt100 -200°C..845°C

Pt1000 -50..400°C

Ni100 -60..230°C

Ni1000 -60..230°C

resistance range 1 0..380W

resistance range 2 0..2,500 kW



Linearization accuracy

± 0,02°C

System accuracy

without sensor typ. <0,06°C

Female connector

Binder 719 4-polig

Operating temperature range

0°C ... +70°C

Power supply

6mA out from interface

Sampling rate

approx. 3/s

Case dimension (HxWxD)

32 x 58 x 16mm


approx. 23g

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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