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Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer DTM light
DTM light

Cost-effective portable digital thermometer for thermocouples type K


The DTMlight electronic digital thermometer stands out primarily in terms of its accuracy, low power consumption, low weight, simplicity of operation, and a low price. The DTMlight unit has been designed for simple measurements over a very large temperature range.
The unit is switched on by actuating the switch on the left side of the housing.
If the input is open (no probe connected) strikes ‘1‘ on the Display. Now the thermometer is ready for measurement. If a probe is connected when the DTMlight switched on it will directly shows the registered temperature of the probe.
The switch of is funded also by actuating the on/off switch.

A large number of thermocouple sensors are available for the DTM3000 digital thermometer for practically any application. (28 standard configurations).
The probes have a green flex and a green miniature thermocouple socket.
For particular measurement problems we can also manufacture economical customized sensors to meet your requirements.



thermocouples type K NiCr-Ni
( miniature thermocouple female connector )

Measuring range

-100°C ... +1370°C




LCD 3 1/2-digit, 12.7mm caracter hight


-100°C... -50°C: 1% FS

-50°C...1100°C: 0.5% FS

1100°C...1350°C: 3% FS

Operating temperature range

0°C ... +50°C

Power supply

9 Volt battery, 6F22

Battery operation time


Case dimension (HxWxD)

123 x 72,5 x 27,5 mm

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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