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Resistance thermometers
Precision resistance thermometer
Baureihe Pt100h

Application areas:

- precision and fast measurements with an
accuracy level of 0.03 K
- recommended for temperatures of
-80...450°C, operation up to 600°C with limited accuracy is possible
- application of carefully anneald and selected
sensing elements with small thermal hysteresis
- response characteristic parameters (in water 2m/s): t50=5s t90=15s
- an optional DKD or inhouse calibration guaranties traceabilty to national standards

Temperature sensor


Temperature sensor


Yearly stability

typ. 0,05K


connector LEMOSA, up to 150°C applicable

Protective tube material


stainless steel

Protective tube diameter d

3,5 mm

Type of connection cable

Te C Te 4x0.08, Cu-strand silvered


ø4 mm hollow plugs, gold plated

others on inquiry

- delivered in attractive transport and safe box

11/2016 technical changes are reserved

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