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Fixed point thermocouple
Series SKTE
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Application areas
- high precision thermometry from 200 up to 1600 °C
- in- situ recalibration at user specified fixed-point temperatures
- long-term measurements in dangerous or difficult access areas
- self calibration by means of special software
- recognision and correction of most of the systematic errors occuring
in practical thermocouple measuring circuits



Application temperature

applicable to max. 200 K above particular fixing point temperature

Thermo junction

S (PtRh10-Pt) DIN EN 60584

on inquiry

Number of Thermo junction

1 thermocouple

Comparison place of point of ice

ø6 x 250

Fixed point cell

minicell with specific pure metal on inquiry

Protective tube material

C 799

Protective tube diameter d

8 mm

Protective tube length L

700 mm

passing the phase change transition point causes a duration signal (melting or freezing plateau, → figure below), which supply reproducible calibration points.
- reproducibility depends on dynamic of environmental temperature field (recommended heating or cooling rate: |dT/dt|<1K/min)

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