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Cable sensors
Cable sensors
Baureihe FP-KTE




Thermocouple with high stability fixed-point cell;
the fixed-point substance forces a typical signal during its
melting and freezing (fixed-point plateau); calibration curve
deviations of the whole measuring circuit will be
recognisable and could be corrected


Thermo junction

L (Fe-CuNi) DIN 43 710

J (Fe-CuNi) DIN EN 60584

K (NiCr-Ni) DIN EN 60584

N (NiCrSi-NiAl) DIN EN 60584

S (PtRh10-Pt) DIN EN 60584

B (PtRh30-PtRh6) DIN EN 60584

Number of Thermo junction

1 thermocouple

Fixed point material

Bi33In67 72,5 °C

In 156,59 °C

Sn 231,93 °C

Zn 419,53 °C

Al67Cu33 548,2 °C

Al87Si13 578,8 °C

Al 660,32 °C

Ag28Cu72 779,6 °C

Measuring point design

insulated, integrated in fixed point cell

Protective tube material


on inquiry

Protective tube diameter d

6 mm

on inquiry

Sensor length L

on inquiry 50 ... 1000 mm

Compensating cable length L2

on inquiry

Type of compensating cable

on inquiry

Bend protection


with spiral spring


free ends

connector on inquiry

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